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Reometro Alpha Technologies MDR-ODR

Il reometro versione MDR-ODR di Alpha Technologies è caratterizzato da un design compatto, pensato per creare valore pur conservando la semplicità dello strumento: è efficente in controlli di semplici partite di porduzione, grazie alle impostazioni su tempo e valutazione dei composti.


Cure testing is the most important batch release test in the rubber industry. It serves to confirm that filler, oil and curatives have been correctly incorporated and that the curing properties of the compound meet the required specification. Pioneer MDR utilizes Alpha Technologies’ expertise in rheometer technology in a compact and
simplified design directed at general rubber goods applications. Pioneer MDR is effective in production batch control, cure setting and compound development, and will support quality improvement initiatives in both testing and anufacturing.
Pioneer MDR has sealed bi-conical dies and reaction torque measurement on the upper die. The torque signal is calibrated using a traceable torque standard, ensuring torque accuracy at all times. Pioneer MDR is designed with the needs of the operator in mind. It has an LCD touch-screen for testing without a PC.
Results and curves are displayed during the test and they can be printed out on a PCL3-compatible USB printer or saved to a USB flash drive on completion. Optional software is available for users who prefer more comprehensive data management.

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