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Our specific product range covers several laboratory, quality control and production applications.

Our expertise has been increasing with the contribution of hundreds of satisfied customers.

We are always taking into consideration their suggestions for improving our products, that are fully designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

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 Static Ovens► Rotating Ovens►  Compression Set► Density Scales►
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 Moulds Cleaning► Rubber Swelling Test►   Laboratory Press►  Magnetic Probe►
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 Laboratory Ovens► Magnetic Plates►  Preheating Mould’s Ovens► PTFE Polymers’ Ovens►

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General Catalogue

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The new furnaces For Lab for post vulcanization of manufactures rubber 

For several years Italy Lab has devoted its attention to improving the supply of post-curing in order to improve the quality of manufactured rubber for a process of stabilization. To answer this need, the Italian company has designed a new type of oven with technical features fit for the post-curing such as: high temperature accuracy, consistency and air at high levels of reliability.
The oven is made entirely of stainless steel, the heating is achieved through a group of battleships resistance high dissipation (a request with gas heaters), the engine and the ventilation circuit have been designed for maximum thermal efficiency (savings energy and cost), the electrical panel is equipped with electronic programmer which can recall cycles work previously stored, the system allows you to store the diagram time / temperature on the PC, it is also possible to combine the various production cycles to the operator, the part number and finally to the material.
Ovens are available from 1000, 2000, 3000 liters and upon request, with various kinds of trolleys on decks.
For Lab Italy presents at the market, also an absolute novelty by presenting a new “Rotary”  oven dedicated to those companies that produce O-rings or products that require a “flatness” excellent.
The mode of use is to put the material to be treated in a basket placed in rotation throughout the life cycle of post-curing and during the entire time of cooling. During treatment the material is hit by two powerful streams of air heated by tongue resistance battleships high heat to ensure a uniform heat treatment throughout the material. At the end of the cycle of cooling the building, just because of continuous rotation, can only take a total flatness.
The oven can be equipped with a “heat exchanger”.

This important accessory is able to heat the cold air into the oven up to 50-60 ° C using the hot smokes temperature outgoing thereby allowing the culling of 15-20% of energy costs as well as a decrease of pollutants into the atmosphere.



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